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Real Estate Marketing

We specialize in presenting high-end properties the way they deserve.
So sellers can be proud and buyers start planning their new life.



Paid search advertising is often the best lead generation tool available for real estate brokers. A trusted, well-managed campaign will help your properties stand out from your competitors. Smart Pay Per Click (PPC) campaigns, combined with Search Engine Optimization (SEO), connect buyers to products.

If we recognize the "intent" of the person doing Internet research, we can intelligently advise them to your website. Tailoring and automating communication based on client needs is also an essential part of professional branding.



Reaching a big audience, but even more importantly reaching the right audience, is all about social media these days. In high-end real estate, the following is dedicated and passionate.
Most of our clients are great at creating the content needed, but not as good at getting the message out there.

Social marketing is all about consistency and actually being social.



When you have an awesome property, you need awesome content. Many companies shoot great pictures, and even videos.

Our edge is doing storytelling. This is not possible if all elements of the property is high-end and complement each other. But when those elements are in place, telling the story is the icing on the cake.

We are proud to present these stories.


High-End Homes aim to provide customers with everything needed to furnish a luxury home. We partner with the best international brands and the top interior designers to be able to access and place the right products in every home.

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Exclusive Distribution

We work with a few selective brands where we are in charge of the distribution. Typically these are brands focused on high-end retail stores or just interior designers and contract sales. We partner with Piece by Ps for all exclusive distribution deals.


Top Nordic Brands

With our Nordic background, we bring and add the top Noric brands to our interior services.

Tropical Interior

Tropical Inspiration

We work on sunny projects and sunny people. Tropical elements combine great with the minimalist Nordic design. We partner with Nordic Breeze the top products.

Property styling



..but the emotion. True property styling is all about selling a lifestyle. It can be an everyday lifestyle, a holiday lifestyle, but most importantly it needs to be tailored so the buyer can add personal touches, but still imagine a new life in the villa.